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How to Make a Mosaic Balloon Stand

Mosaic Balloon Numbers are a must have for any party. They are great for a photoshoot area and add fun to any party. Although they do great standing by themselves inside, you might need extra support if you plan on taking these outside or filling them with extra decorative bling. Check out this quick, easy tutorial on how to make a mosaic number stand.

If you haven’t checked out our free mosaic balloon template tutorials, be sure to check them out. You can get DIY instructions to make a 1 and 2 as well as a 3 and 8.

Mosaic Balloon Stand Tutorial

If you recall from the mosaic balloon tutorial, the sides of the balloon numbers are about 6″ wide. This stand makes the frame lean a little bit, but it isn’t very noticeable. I used the scrape foam board that I had left to make these. You can follow the pictures below to create your stand. After it is attached, place a weight or a bag of sand on the stand to give the mosaic balloon number extra stability.

The mosaic stand dimensions can be tweaked. You can also make two triangles and attach it to a middle piece. The options are endless.

For this stand the width is just under 9″. Don’t forget the frame will lean back slightly. 




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