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Hit the Beach in Style: 15 Must Have Beach Accessories

With it heating up outside, it is no wonder people are headed to Texas beaches. Beach accessories are part of what makes going to the beach so much fun, right?  There is plenty of beach gear to choose from.  I’ve done the work and found some of the very best beach accessories and favorite beach hacks.  These beach accessories will be perfect for your next vacation or daily beach trip.  

I love the beach.  My hubby and I were newlyweds, we lived in Florida.  I have a lot of great memories of going to the beach as a couple, and then eventually taking our babies.  We eventually moved to San Antonio.  I’ve had to settle for swimming pools.  They are fun, just not the same. However the Texas coast isn’t that far away.  We try to make it back to the beach as often as we can.

It helps to have the right beach accessories.  Some of my favorite beach gear are the things I can’t live without, like a beach shade and portable table.  Other fun beach stuff is just plain fun.  After all, I might not actually need a cooler with built-in speakers, phone charger, but I still would love to bring it.

Here is a list of essential beach accessories and things we bring just for fun.

The Best Beach Accessories for Families

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Small portable table – I love having a place the kids can put their food without worrying about it dropping in the sand.  This way they can snack all day if needed and not worry about getting sand in all of the coolers or bags.

Sand free beach mat – the best thing about these sandless beach blankets is that it keeps you and your belongs clean.  It features two separate dual-weave layers that keeps sand and dirt away, ensuring a sand-free experience.

Waterproof bags and phone cases – Having waterproof bags and phone cases protect our phones from the water and salty air.  What I love about bring a waterproof phone case is that I can still take great pictures of our day.

Beach umbrella – I love to sunbathe, but it is so important to have some shade on the beach.  Bring along a cute beach umbrella to lounge under when you need to cool off from the sun.

Umbrellas are one of the most important beach accessories you can bring along. They’re even better when they’re bright and colorful (easy spot from the water).

Beach umbrella hooks – I always find myself wondering where I put my car keys.  Whether you’re at the beach or your backyard patio, keep everything up off the ground.  These hooks are perfect for hanging valuables such as cameras, sunglasses, keys etc.  It also works great for hanging your towels or bags.

Backpack Beach Chairs – Lugging chairs to the beach is my least favorite thing until I discovered the backpack beach chairs.  These make it so much easier to take all your items.  Did I mention this one has an insulated beverage pouch, cell phone holder, and a folding towel bar?! Yes please!

Family Beach Gear You Can’t Live Without

Boogie Board – I have so many fond memories of wading out and catching the waves with my boogie board.  You can find these at most shops on the beach or at the local chain stores.  Make sure you get a decent quality.  We had one that lasted 5+ years that we used all the time. 

Skimboard – You might be asking what the difference is between a boogie board and a skimboard.  A skimboard is used to glide across the water’s surface to meet an incoming breaking wave, and ride it back to shore.  Skimboarding is becoming a more popular sport.  You can check out Sufer Today to see the different sizes available.

Cooler – I am in love with this cooler.  Not only does it keep your beverages and food cold, but it will also keep your electronics charged and dry, and play music through Bluetooth.  I love this because you can play music all day and not worry about draining your phone.

Fold & Carry Grill – How cool is this portable BBQ grill suitcase? Keep it folded up until you get hungry, then break out the burgers and hot dogs!

Inflatable Lounger – I love these inflatable loungers.  They are perfect for getting comfy on the beach! Carry it down to the beach in the convenient tote bag, then inflate…no pump required!

Beach Sand Toys – Sand Toys are the way to keep kids entertained on the beach. My kids love making sand castles. I have found you can never have enough buckets and shovels. My kids are always looking for more. I love getting a big set that has plenty of different types of digging tools along with a few buckets.

Beach Games – I love to watch people and play with the kids in the sand, but I also love bringing some fun beach games with us.  We have brought a variety of things like waterproof cards, horseshoe, huge kites, footballs, etc.  

Slammo Game – Slammo Game is really cool.  My kids love to play it as well. Slammo is an action packed 2 on 2 volleyball style outdoor game; teams have 3 hits to bounce or spike the ball to the net fun for family and friends out on the yard, at the beach, cookouts, camping, and more

Light Go Bonfire Log – This is great for creating a mini bonfire on the beach.  Bring your marshmallows to make smores and roast some hot dogs. 

Waterproof bluetooth speakers – One of our biggest beach must haves is a waterproof bluetooth speaker. We can’t possibly lounge on the beach without some Jimmy Buffet playing in the background! If you want a more budget friendly version, bluetooth speakers are the way to go.




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