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Easy DIY Paper Fan Garland in 3 Easy Steps

I just love having DIY party garlands and party decorations at any special event for my family. There is just something special about making the party decor like the mosaic balloon numbers, fringe backdrops, or balloon walls. This easy DIY Paper Fan Garland is adorable and is super easy to make. All you need is paper and tape.

DIY Paper Fan Garland

What I love about this fan garland is that you can make it any color combination you’d like according to your party theme. A rainbow paper fan garland is perfect for St Patrick’s day or rainbow-themed party. You can make this DIY paper garland in orange and black for a fun Halloween theme or green and red for Christmas. The possibilities are endless and it is so easy to make.

paper fan garland photo

How to Make a Paper Fan Garland

You can make this adorable DIY fan garland in 3 easy steps. Here are all the supplies you’ll need to make a paper fan garland:

For this project you really can use any paper you’d like. However I suggest you use paper that is easily folded. The thicker the paper, the harder it is to fold. So, you don’t need to use cardstock – use copier paper instead. Origami paper that is already squares also works great for this garland.

Step 1: Cut the paper

Take your 8.5×11 papers and cut it in half.

If you’re looking for a larger fan don’t cut the paper. It will give you bigger fans.

Step 2: Fold the paper

Next you will take the papers you just cut and start to fold them accordion style to create the paper fan garland. This gives you the fun fan look. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

When you reach the end of the paper, fold it in half then glue the middle or staple it to create the fan shape.

Step 3: Tape the fans together

Lastly, you’ll want to put the fans in order that you want for the paper fan garland. You will start to tape the fans together once you know what order they will go. If you don’t have tape, you can use a stapler or hot glue gun.

Once the fans are put together you can add some extra bling or leave them the way they are. Now hang your DIY fan garland up and enjoy what you’ve made for your party.




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