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20 Unique Halloween Party Ideas for Teens

Halloween party ideas for teenagers isn’t always an easy task. Teens can sometimes be hard to please. Plus they aren’t quite adults yet too old to be considered a child which can make coming up with ideas a little difficult. However, we have you covered with a great list of unique Halloween party ideas for teens that they will love.

Honestly there isn’t another holiday quite like Halloween. It is a chance to let your alter-ego out, dress up, let loose, and feel like a kid again. These Halloween party ideas aren’t kiddish, but tons of fun and perfect for a Halloween party to remember. No Halloween party is complete without games. Check out our list of fun Halloween party games for teens.

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Halloween Party Theme for Teens

Naturally there are hundreds of Halloween party ideas for teens and themes to choose from anything from horror movies to science fiction, fantasy to classic themes. Here are a few Halloween party ideas your teens would enjoy.

Classic Halloween Party Theme Ideas

  • Witches & Warlocks themed party
  • Zombie themed party
  • Monster themed party
  • Ghost themed party
  • Black and Orange themed party
  • Costume themed party
  • Mummies
  • Halloween Boo Bash

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Honestly you can’t go wrong with a scavenger hunt. This Halloween twist on a scavenger hunt is perfect for you next Halloween teen party. You’ll need a fake skeleton that can come apart. You’ll want to hide pieces of the skeleton around the scavenger hunt space. This could be in your own backyard, in a park, etc.

Scary Movie Night

Sometimes teens just want to hang out and have a low key night. This Halloween party ideas for teens is perfect as you can give your movie night a party feel by decorating and providing lots of yummy Halloween themed snacks and comfortable seating. Have an impressive movie selection available that are age appropriate on hand. These can be classic scary movies such as Hocus Pocus or Beetlejuice to new favorites.

Spooky Manicure Party

Just because it is Halloween that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a fun manicure party. Just make it Halloween themed with decor and even the nail styles. You can print off some Halloween nail art inspiration. For this Halloween party theme you can have your guests bring their own polish or provide some fun colors.

Halloween Fear Factor

Fill three or four bowls with gross feeling food such as peel grapes for eyeballs, steamed whole cauliflower for a brain or canned peaches for a liver. Blindfold each teen and them they what they are touching and see if they can guess what the item actually is.

Haunted House

Set up an area in your home like the garage as a haunted house. You can go all out or do a simple haunted house. All you need is a spooky soundtrack and a few friends that are willing to dress up and jump out.

Party like a MonSTAR

Get a karaoke machine and enjoy a night of singing your favorite songs with your favorite friends. This theme can be a movie star night with a monster twist.

Halloween Party Ideas for 16 Year Olds

Pumpkin Carving Contest Party

Have your guests bring a pumpkin to carve or have enough provided. Give attendees a set amount of time to pick out a design and carve their pumpkin. Everyone get 3 votes on their favorite designs. The winner can get a prize for having the best pumpkin carving.

Murder Mystery

This theme might be fun for older teens. Host a murder mystery night where attendees can dress in character and figure out who the murderer is.

Spooky Cooking Party

Grab a group of friends and create spooky Halloween desserts to share. This party is great because everyone can make and eat some yummy treats. You can even make a Halloween dinner by making brains and worms (spaghetti and meatballs) and spiderweb pizzas. You can find more great ideas from LovetoKnow.

Sweet Temptations themed party aka candy themed

Halloween is all about candy. For this Halloween party theme for teens your guests can do a blind taste test to see if who can guess the right type of candy. You can even slip some lesser known candy in the lineup to try to throw your guests off.

Halloween Hoedown

You can make this fun and rustic with classic fall harvest themes and a country feel. You can also add whatever spooky, scary Halloween decorations like a bloody pitchfork. A hayride and bonfire would also go great with this theme.

Alien Attack

Create an alien attack scene in your backyard with alien creatures and colorful lights.

Halloween Game Night

Games nights are always a blast. Below are some fun minute to win it type Halloween games that would be fun. You can also take standard games such as ping pong or board games and add a Halloween twist.

Halloween Party Games for Teenagers

I find most successful parties have some fun party games that go along with the theme. It helps keep a little bit of structure and fun to the party. Several of these games and activities are DIY and budget-friendly, but if you’re running out of time or just aren’t a do-it-yourself-er, I included links to pre-made Halloween Games.  Here are a few ideas of Halloween party games you can play at your next get together.

Costume Relay Race

This Halloween game idea is a relay race with a twist. The winning team is the one who can change in and out of their Halloween costume the fastest. If you have a smaller group, you can just have individuals race.

Truth or Dare

Before the party, insert pieces of paper with age appropriate truth or dare s on them inside black and orance balloons. Blow up the balloons and at he party give each child a balloon. One at a time, pop the balloons and have them choose the truth or dare listed in the balloons.

Glow in the Dark Ring Toss

Wrap glow-in-the-dark duct tape around a few bottles and see how many glow stick bracelets kids can get around the bottle necks.

Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling

Sacrifice a few toilet paper rolls to convert into ghoulish bowling pins. Cut the stem off a pumpkin and you’re all set with the perfect festive ball.

Hayride & Bonfire

This isn’t really a game, but it would be a fun addition to any party.

Halloween Party Ideas for High School Students

Halloween Capture the Pumpkin

Capture the Pumpkins, a twist on the traditional capture the flag game, is great for older kids, teens, and even adults. It works best with large groups that you can divide into teams. 

Halloween Film Festive Event

This game lets the creative juices flow when your guests recreate Halloween classic movies or TV shows. You can make this as involved as you like, or keep it simple by letting guests act with a few simple prompts. 

Pumpkin Patch Stomp

Before inflating, fill orange balloons with candy, loose change, or other treats. Trick-or-treaters can then clobber the “pumpkin patch” in your backyard to claim each prize inside.

Get some orange balloons here.

Candy Jenga

Grab a bucket of relatively flat Halloween candy (think Kit-Kat or Hershey’s bars) and take turns stacking them on top of one another. The first person to knock down the stack loses — and the winners get to split the sweet loot.

Halloween Bingo

Print out some of these free Halloween bingo cards and have prizes for guests who get bingos. Kids of all ages will love this game. Try this free bingo printable here from Crazy Little Projects.

Jack Stack

Split little ones into teams and have them race to complete this puzzle crafted from disposable orange cups.

“Minute to Win It” Candy Corn Games

Set a timer for 60 seconds and set up a challenge that kids can do with candy corn and candy pumpkins. You can see how many candy corn pieces they can stack, or how many pumpkins they can pick up and put into a bowl using only chopsticks. The most wins!

Marshmallow Toss Game

Easy and fun- Marshmallow Toss Game  you can use mini marshmallows and paper cups or large marshmallows and some of those little tin buckets from the dollar store would be great too!

How to Throw a Teen Halloween Party

Just like any other party you’ve thrown, preparation is the key to success. Make sure to ask your teen for input and have them help you pick out the activities. After all this party is for them. An amazing list has been provided above, but look for current trends and get your teen’s approval

When throwing a teen Halloween party, be sure to have plenty of activities and snack available to ward off boredom. You make make simple snacks with a fun Halloween twist.

Next, you can keep the Halloween Party for teenagers fun with photo booths and backdrops as well as having a fun Halloween playlist with classic spooky songs. Make sure to have plenty of teen Halloween photo props for pics and TikToks.

Lastly, it is important to set ground rules ahead of time to keep everyone safe at your Halloween party. We’d like to think teenagers are responsible, but it is always nice to give them a reminder on what they can and can’t do at someone else’s party.




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