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Terrific 8 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Eight is great!! Thinking up 8 year old birthday party ideas at home can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the ultimate list of birthday party ideas and games with some creative, budget-friendly options. Whether you need suggestions for boys or girls, action-packed or gentle, there is the perfect birthday party for your little one.

Need ideas on how to surprise them on their birthday morning – check out this list of fun ways to start your child’s birthday.

Birthday Party ideas for 8 Year Olds

Below are 15 ideas for your 8 year old’s next birthday party. You can also check out our list of birthday party ideas for 11 year olds and tweak it to fit your 8 year old.

Minecraft Party

Minecraft is a pretty popular game these days. This birthday party idea for an 8 year old is simple to create with blocks of color in various shades. The basic colors of this theme are shades of red, green, and brown with black and white.

You can also use an old box to create a Minecraft creeper piñata.

Amazon had some fun plates, and cupcake toppers for a Minecraft theme.

LEGO Party

Children of all ages love building with LEGO sets and it makes for a unique party theme to keep things fun. There are so many different LEGO themes that you can really make this 8 year old party theme unique by selecting one of those themes. For instance, if your child is into the Superhero LEGO sets use that as your theme or if your child love the Friends LEGO set than that can be a great theme as well.

You can make colorful cupcakes and edible LEGO candies. There are endless possibilities with a LEGO party theme.

Art Studio Theme

If your child loves to get creative, then an art studio theme is perfect for you. You can gather a small group of friends where they can create their own masterpieces on canvas, pottery, etc. You can do this at a venue or keep it simple at home.

Drive in Movie Theme

Transform your media room or backyard into a drive in movie complete with carboard box cars. Let the kids decorate and bling their own car. Have a movie set up ready to go and serve a popcorn bar with candy and drinks for a fun movie night party.

Mermaid Party Theme

Pretty My Party: Photo

Make a huge splash with an ocean idea such as a Mermaid party. Use beautiful pastel colors and under the sea party decorations to celebrate their birthday.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are so many fun DIY part ideas for a party theme. Pretty My Party has 29 magical mermaid party ideas that your 8 year old will love.

Tea Party

It is tea time! Throw your little one a vintage tea party along with the darling china, linen, and all the sandwiches, scones, and jam they can eat. For this 8 year old party theme plan a yummy tea party menu. The guests can dress up and bring a beloved stuffed animal with.

Nerf Gun Themed Party

Nerf Gun themed party is the perfect theme for your 8 year old and friends.  Find an indoor or outdoor space with targets or forts for everyone to run around. Provide all the guns or have their friends bring their own.

Start off by having everyone play again everyone with a 5 to 10 minute limit.  After a round or two, play capture the flag or shoot at some targets. Pair it with a fun nerf theme cake and goodies.

Adopt a Pet Party

It’s a puppy pawty! Does your child love animals? Why not throw them an adopt a pet party where each of her friends could take home a plush puppy or animal. Some of the party activities could include decorating the pet house, creating certificates of adoption, and picking out their pet.

Moon Theme Party or Celestial Birthday

Photo Cred: Pinterest

This 8 year old party theme could easily turn into a Star Wars theme or Astronaut theme. However, there is something to be said about having a Moon party or Celestial birthday with space decorations including stars, sun, and beautiful galaxy colors.

I found some fun plates and backdrop ideas on Amazon here.

Video Gaming Party

There are a couple ways you can take this party theme. Remember the days we used to go to the arcade? Why not take have the party at a local arcade. You can also have a video gaming party at home by hiring a mobile gaming trailer. If you have one of these near you, it is worth the money as the trailer comes fully stocked with games.

You could also have a video gaming party inside your home if you’d like to set up a rotation for everyone to have a turn with multiple devices.

Backyard Campout

For this party theme have everyone bring their tent and sleeping bag for a campout in the backyard. That evening you can look at the stars, have smores, and play flashlight tag. If your family doesn’t do sleepovers, you could make this backyard campout party into a late night where all the guests go home around 10p.

Pirate or Princess Theme

Your child will probably outgrown pirates and princesses soon, however now is the time to throw that party. Provide your guests with costumes to dress up such as pirate eyepatches and hats or crowns and jewelry. You can play games in your costumes that everyone will enjoy.

Spa Birthday Party Theme

Create a relaxing environment for a spa theme birthday party. Guests can paint each other’s nails, get a pedicure, or even make soap or lip balm to take home. They can snack on finger food and play a few games.

Rainbows and Clouds

I love this party theme filled with fluffy decorations and rainbow colors that shine. Your 8 year old is going to love this theme of rainbows and clouds.




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